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The Startup Buddy

The startup buddy is the entrepreneurs’ one-stop, personalised startup building tool. Based on best practices like The Lean Startup and The Startup Manual we have developed a web-based app that is free to use!

  • Missions  -  Customisable formulated best practise tasks cover all the basic steps in building your business.
  • Knowledge resources  -  Find out everything you need to know about the startup world and why it is relevant for startup entrepreneurs.
  • Service resources  -  Any startup entrepreneur needs outside resources like developers, marketers or legal advisors. We link you up!
  • Dashboard  -  Never lose track of your goals again. Gain an oversight of your entire project.
  • Bank account optimizer  -  Avoid hours on comparing the nuances of different bank account offering.
  • Funding score  -  Tells you how likely are you able to find funding at your current status.

Coming soon:

One-click services - Need to incorporate or find an office? Do it on your phone!

Communities - Find out how other startups are progressing and learn from each other.

Let us know what you like to come next!


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